How can I register my child for Activity Connection Programs?
  What are the staff qualifications?
  Do I have to pay for classes or will my insurance cover the costs?
  Do you offer financial assistance?
  How can I apply for financial assistance?
  Can my other child/children participate even if they do not have a diagnosis? What about my child's friend who does not have a diagnosis?
  Do you offer sibling discounts?
  How do I submit required forms to you?
  How will my child's records remain safe and confidential?
  If I cannot get my forms submitted on time, can my child still participate?
  How will I be notified if a class is cancelled?
  If my child misses a class can I schedule a make up?
  If my child misses a class will I get a refund or credit?
  If I do not like the class and decide to cancel my registration will I get a refund?
  Do you offer free trials for a program that is new to my child?
  Who will support my child during class? What is the staff to participant ratio?
  Do you have a nurse onsite?
  If my child does not meet the age requirement at time of registration but has a birthday during the middle/end of the session, can my child register?
  How often do I need to submit forms?
  What are accepted forms of payment?
  Do you take volunteers?
  Does my child need a referral from a pediatrician or therapist?
  Do any of your programs partner with other therapies (PT, OT, Speech)?
  What kind of documentation or progress report is recorded of my child's experience?
  Can I send my own therapist or aid with my child to help support their needs?