*Please note - due to COVID-19 restrictions, this program will NOT be running as planned for Summer 2020. Please contact us with any questions at 908-301-5548 or email us at
Camp BECOME is a 3 week therapy intensive program run by the Community Recreation and Occupational Therapy Departments at Children’s Specialized Hospital. The intensive program will provide a combination of bimanual and Constraint Induced Movement Therapy for 6 hours a day, Monday through Friday for the full 3 weeks. Constraint Induced Movement Therapy can be used to improve the strength and function of an upper extremity impacted by hemiparesis, resulting at birth or a traumatic brain injury. It involves “constraining” the strong or unaffected arm using a removable cast. This approach allows the child to only use their affected or weaker arm during play and recreational activities. Individualized and intensive bimanual and unilateral activities will be provided within individual and group formats, each focusing on the child’s ability to use their affected arm alone, or both arms together. All program staff are sensitive to each child’s needs and provide support to each participant to help them reach their full potential and achieve their goals.


Camper Criteria 
- Children Ages: 4-10 years
- Diagnosis of hemiparesis (Other diagnoses maybe considered on an individual basis)
- Must be able to lift up the weaker arm to help hold/stabilize an object
- Must have the potential to move wrist actively
- Ability to interact well with peers
- Must be able to attend and follow directions to participate in group activities without need for one-on-one assistance
- Must be independent in toileting to use a public rest room
- Must be independent in mobility
- Any daytime or emergency medication needs must be discussed with program director prior to enrollment (we will make attempts to accommodate if possible)


Campers are provided supervision from staff & volunteers from Children’s Specialized Hospital. Children must attend camp for all 3 weeks Monday through Friday. Campers pack their own lunch, while snack is provided. *Transportation to and from camp is not provided.*


*Please note-this camp will not be running during Summer 2020; please keep an eye out for Summer 2021 information coming early January 2021!