About Active COnnection

Active Connection provides therapeutic and recreational activities for children of all ages. These programs promote physical activity, body awareness, confidence, and health education, and provide access to common childhood activities. These programs include:

Adaptive Yoga
Ages 5-21 years old

Our adaptive yoga program is designed to introduce the practice of yoga to children with special healthcare needs while teaching basic fundamental skills such as regulating emotions, managing stress, and providing an opportunity for physical activity and social interaction. Our goals are to create a safe and supportive place for your child to practice and study yoga, to foster creativity and self-understanding, and to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Ages 11-15


Wednesdays, January 15-February 26, 2020

LIFETOWN, 10 Microlab Road Livingston, NJ


Panda Prep  
Ages 4 to 6 Years Old

Panda Prep is a fun program for young children to develop and build on the fundamental gross motor skills. These skills include basic body awareness, coordination, balance, fitness, direction following, and attention to task. They are fun, structured, and offer an opportunity for growth to children with developmental delays and other cognitive or physical challenges, while introducing basic martial arts concepts. For help identifying which group is best suited for your child please call our office at 908-301-5548.


Panda Prep will now be offered in both MOUNTAINSIDE and TOMS RIVER!
Sensory, Balance and Body Awareness
Many young children require support with organizing their body, thoughts, and sensory inputs first, in order to lay the foundation for the high-level  skills that martial arts requires. This program led by our Recreational Therapy staff provides gross motor activities, sensory activities, and incorporates music and movement.  The group is structured and incorporates routine and repetitive skills for reinforcing fundamentals. This class provides a therapeutic opportunity that promotes body awareness, basic motor coordination, attention to task, direction following, and turn-taking. Participants may be introduced to basic martial arts concepts.   


*This program is not running Winter 2020*

Fit and Fun
Recreational Therapy staff focus on providing therapeutic opportunities through gross motor movement and coordination, balance, exercise, direction following and attention skills. Students must demonstrate an organized, calm body state, and the ability to participate in group drills and games. New exercises are introduced and taught frequently. Participants will be introduced to basic martial arts skills and terminology.

*This program is not running Winter 2020*