About Active Connection

Active Connection provides therapeutic and recreational activities for children of all ages. These programs promote physical activity, body awareness, confidence and health education. Active Connection also provides access to common childhood activities and recreational sports programs for youth with special health needs. These sports and physical-based activities help promote strength, coordination, and teamwork amongst peers.
Adaptive Aquatics
Ages 1 to 15 Years Old  
The adaptive aquatics program is offered to children with special health care needs, ages 1-15 years old. These classes are designed to provide children with special healthcare needs with a positive experience in the water, introduce& teach fundamental aquatic skills, promote water safety, and provide an opportunity for physical activity and social interaction. Please note that this is not a learn-to-swim program, although fundamental swim instruction is incorporated. Instructors combine traditional Red Cross Learn-to-Swim methods with sensory and recreational strategies to match the needs of each child.
Court Games 
Ages 7-21 Years Old 
Court Games is an indoor sports program that provides fun for all levels. Court Games facilitates the opportunity for physical activity, teamwork, direction following, and learning sport specific techniques. Participants will play a variety of team sports such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer in the gym! Warm ups and other fun introductory games are included.
Ages 4 to 21 Years Old  
Let's Zumba! Yolo Moves Studio dedicates itself to providing dance fitness to all levels of clients. Zumba Fitness uses Latin Rhythms, POP, Hip Hop, and other genres which we turn into cardio exercises. Each song is carefully choreographed to make sure we stay on the beat while we do jumping jacks, squats, and other very easy exercises. 
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