WEB CONNECTION provides a new way to participate in recreational and social activities with friends as we navigate new worldwide challenges. We can stay connected while staying within the safety and comfort of your own homes!
Web Connection programs provide opportunities to develop new skills, participate in physical activities and enjoy new or favorite experiences online!
Karate Fun Aerobics with Wazir Barnes & Ashley
Parent/Child and Adaptive Yoga with Cynthia & Corinna
Parent/Child Play Groups with Caitlyn
Zumba with Yolo Moves & Ashley
Musical Me with Genevieve & Jenn
Infant Massage with Morgan & Corinna
Teen Nights with Corinna & Ashley 
Soccer Stars with Giulia & Liz
 Making a Masterpiece with Hernando & Liz
Programs will be conducted via GoToMeeting. Participants will receive an email with the direct link, access code and password to join the private online group event each week two days prior to the scheduled program time.  
Participants will need access to technology with a camera to be able to view the instructor. 
All programs will have one lead instructor and one or two additional staff members logged in to provide real-time support to participants as needed.  
All Web Connection programs are under this category; titles look like the following example: "Karate-Fall 2020-Wed".
Please contact us with any questions.